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Shipping slip sheets: A top packaging and shipping cost savings idea

April 7, 2023

Cost savings ideas are hard to come by in an inflationary environment. Product inputs, energy, labor, packaging, freight — and the list goes on in areas where costs have risen year over year. You work hard to save a penny and the next thing you know costs are up a nickel. Paperboard shipping slip sheets provide an easy way to save.

After all, wood pallets are on the list of ever-increasing items. Instead of seeking to save a few cents on wood pallets, maybe it’s time to consider getting rid of wood pallets entirely? That’s where paperboard slip sheets for shipping come in.

Stack of paperboard shipping slip sheets in a warehouse.

Slip sheets vs. pallets

Shipping slip sheets — also known as push-pull sheets — can replace wood pallets and skids entirely. In doing so, your company could see significant savings in multiple areas.

Benefits of using paperboard shipping slip sheets vs. pallets include:

  • Less expensive — offering price savings
  • Much lighter — saving freight
  • Safer — no splinters and nails resulting in lost-time incidents
  • Re-usable — many customers re-use them in a closed-loop system and save huge dollars
  • More compact, flat design — saving freight and warehouse costs

About paperboard shipping slip sheets

A slip sheet is a pallet-sized sheet of laminated paperboard designed in different sizes and strengths depending on the use case. Paperboard slip sheets are thin AND strong.

Solid fiber “slip sheets” is a term used for various products. Some say slip sheets when referring to a sheet used on top of pallets to protect against nails. Or to protect against damage from the pallet deck boards themselves.

Dura-Fibre paperboard sheets

In other cases, slip sheets may refer to the sheets used between layers of stacked product or on the tops of pallet loads for protection. In addition to these uses, there is another even more valuable use for slip sheets. That is a shipping slip sheet that replaces pallets altogether (also known as a push-pull sheet).

How do shipping slip sheets work?

Dura-Fibre’s slip sheets for shipping use a specific attachment for a lift truck. This allows the sheet to be grabbed and pulled onto the bed of the attachment, carried to its destination, and pushed off for storage or shipping. The attachment is used instead of standard forks, although it still works with a standard lift truck.

Ask about slip sheets for shipping 

If you’re interested in learning more about shipping slip sheets or discussing your specific packaging and shipping needs, contact Dura-Fibre today.


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