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4 Custom Applications in Heavy-duty Paperboard  

August 4, 2023

Custom paperboard packaging provides a wide range of impressive solutions for various industries. In fact, paperboard is widely accepted as the best fit for many custom packaging solutions, including:

  • Industrial sheets, e.g.: slip sheets (also known as push-pull sheets) that replace pallets, tier sheets (also known as divider sheets or separator sheets) that enhance stacking and pallet sheets (also known as cover sheets) that protect against damage by wood pallets.
  • Industrial crates – Paperboard shipping crates are stronger than corrugated and lighter than wood, which saves on storage and shipping costs. This makes them an especially cost-effective option for longer products.
  • Heavy-duty folding cartons – Paperboard folding cartons deliver on applications that require high-strength and exceptional printing. This makes them ideal for products being sold in club stores.
  • Furniture – In the ready-to-assemble furniture market, paperboard panels are a go-to-choice for furniture backs and more.

Less-known are the many uses where custom paperboard boxes are the best fit, when compared with plastic, wood, metal and corrugated. In this article, we’ll share four examples that show how paperboard attributes make it an ideal custom packaging solution.

Airline Trash Compactor Boxes

3 rectangular boxes sitting in a row

Take aviation trash compactor boxes, for example. Airlines have a unique requirement. Aircraft galley equipment has zero tolerance for in-flight waste management failure, especially during long flights.

  • By laminating multiple plies of custom selected paper, paperboard trash compactor boxes for aviation provide the perfect combination of strength and functionality.
  • The virgin kraft paper liner outer layer prevents puncture, while a recycled inner reduces weight and facilitates folding.
  • Coatings on both sides enhance liquid containment.
  • The unique design allows fold-flat bundling using a custom folding and gluing erector, for ease of transport and storage.

Unlike plastic bags that fall short, and corrugated material that fails when wet, custom paperboard is the best choice.

Custom Silicone Release Cartons

silicone release boxes

Another example of custom made paperboard’s effectiveness can be seen in silicone release cartons and boxes. These products are uniquely designed for industries such as hot melt adhesives and sealants, specialty chemicals, soaps and handicrafts, and asphalt sample collection.

  • Multiple plies of carefully selected paper offer the necessary durability, with an outer layer strong enough to resist tears and punctures, even when filled with boiling liquids up to 450°F.
  • The inner layer is silicone coated to withstand heat and liquid while ensuring a clean product release without fiber pull or contamination.
  • These paperboard cartons are one-piece, leak-proof, and self-locking, allowing for easy assembly. Plastic containers are not recyclable, and corrugated material isn’t strong enough to meet the demands associated with hot melt adhesives and sealants, specialty chemicals, soaps and handicrafts and asphalt samples.

Custom paperboard is again the best choice.

Custom Packaging Solutions

In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, laminated paperboard proved vital in the custom packaging used to ship vaccines worldwide.

  • Multiple plies of custom selected paper allowed die-cut paperboard sleeves to provide the necessary insulation while withstanding the rigors of extreme cold chain distribution.
  • The efficient production process ensured cost-effectiveness, while plastic materials proved to be too brittle under low temperatures, and corrugated materials failed to provide sufficient insulation.

Paperboard emerged as the optimal choice for this custom packaging solution.

Custom Coverboard Products

Finally, there is an entire category of custom made paperboard that most people would never realize are made by laminating specialists like Dura-Fibre. Coverboard products use multiple plies of carefully selected paper joined with specialty foams and include a wide array of products, such as:

  • Diploma covers
  • Register books
  • Presentation folders
  • Book panels and spines
  • Various specialty applications
Airline trash compactor boxes made with laminated paperboard

Each of these rely on custom paperboard for their production. The ability to laminate paperboard to foam sheets, with or without flaps, with square or rounded corners, and even creating unitized versions, demonstrates the versatility of custom paperboard.

In Custom Paperboard, the Sky Is the Limit

Consider custom paperboard for your current and future projects, for a solution that is stronger than corrugated, lighter than wood and more recyclable than plastic.

Ready to try custom paperboard packaging? Contact Dura-Fibre today to discuss your specific packaging and shipping needs.