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State-Of-The-Art Shop Floor System at Dura-Fibre

July 22, 2014

The new state of the art tracking system installed on Dura-Fibre’s laminator has streamlined business operations, improved visibility, enhanced automation, encouraged accurate quality tracking and reduced scrap waste.

From order entry, to quality control, to precise piece counts, the system tracks everything completely and accurately, from top to bottom. The data is accessed immediately through a web-based tool called Raptor, making it viewable at any given time from anywhere with an internet connection. As data is made readily available to Dura-Fibre employees, the transparency and information is transferred directly onto customers.

The system has also eliminated nearly all manual data entry previously required of operators. As it automates quality check reminders on an ongoing basis, operators are immediately notified if something is out of spec. Less manual data entry and tracking leaves less room for errors, improving both efficiency and quality control.

“Since the technology has been implemented, on-time delivery has increased, as well as overall product and service quality,” said Luke Benrud, director of operations. “With the new system, we are staying at the cutting edge of operations, while offering our customers the highest level of efficiency, quality control and service.”

To streamline inventory control, piece and pallet count is programed as it comes off the machine, ensuring customers receive exactly the quantity ordered. The system also provides valuable intelligence regarding scrap reduction, which has prompted Dura-Fibre to reduce their laminator scrap accordingly.

Not only can operators monitor everything happening real-time, they also have a detailed history of every order that was previously run. If a problem should arise with a customer’s order, Dura-Fibre can access critical information such as which operators ran the order, what raw materials were in the machine, the speed they ran at, what quality checks reported, and much more.

“This information is critical when determining the root cause of an issue and implementing an effective solution,” said Benrud.

Benrud said Dura-Fibre is focused on continually enhancing their business operations to streamline efficiencies, while always offering the latest in product technology.