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Specialty Services for Laminated Paperboard Products

Our laminating and die cutting solutions expand your range of opportunities. 

Dura-Fibre’s industry leading equipment offers a wide range of laminated paperboard capabilities. A long list of customers, ranging from paper manufacturers to specialty converters to consumer brand products companies have sought out our experience and equipment to uniquely satisfy their needs.

Don’t see the service you need? Don’t let that stop you – versatility is our specialty!

Paperboard Laminating

Dura-Fibre’s industry leading equipment offers a wide range of laminated paperboard capabilities. With two roll-to-sheet laminators, our size capabilities range from 6” width to 97” width, and 4” length to 400” length. Lamination of as few as two plies up to six plies of papers as thin as .014 to as thick as .060. Multiple coating stations can apply water-based coatings. In-line die-cutting and embossing offers unique design possibilities. In-line slitting and sheeting provides lowest total cost for a wide range of finished sizes allowing multiple outs from mill rolls.

Additionally, Dura-Fibre can laminate paper to foam, roll to sheet, as well as applying tapes. And, we have the ability to top-laminate super thin substrates such as decorative wood grains. If you can think of it, we can probably do it.

laminating machinery

Paperboard Die Cutting

Dura-Fibre’s three industry-leading die cutting presses range from high volume rotary to high caliper flat bed. Size capabilities range from 4.5” width to 83” width, and 2” length to 75” length, in calipers ranging from .030 to .250. We can cut or score on both sides of the sheet with unparalleled precision. We also have additional capabilities including guillotine trimming, stitching, and assembly. Reach out to discuss your challenge.

Depend on Dura-Fibre

Customers spanning many diverse markets trust Dura-Fibre to deliver innovative and reliable paperboard packaging solutions. For paperboard applications that require laminating and die cutting services, there is not a more agile and responsive partner to help you protect products, enhance presentation, and drive profitability.

If you’re facing a challenge that needs something stronger than corrugated but lighter and cheaper than wood, Dura-Fibre might have the answer. Let’s talk about the unique details of your application and we’ll let you know if paperboard might be a viable solution option for you.

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