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Paperboard Packaging

Crates, Wraps, Cartons, Strap Protectors and Covers

Manufacturers look to Dura-Fibre’s unique paperboard solutions for protection, presentation and profit improvement. We combine the best materials with our industry-leading equipment and expertise to offer the widest range of capabilities and provide an unequaled combination of quality, cost and service.

Reduce damage. Elevate appearance. Grow profit.

Paperboard Packaging Solutions

Paperboard Crates

Our patented crate design results in the strongest paperboard crates, available in the widest range of sizes and strengths, providing industrial manufacturers savings in money, space, and waste.

  • Providing major cost savings versus wood and major strength benefits versus corrugated
  • Combining the recyclability of paperboard with the performance from engineering exactness
  • Wider, taller, and longer – with more closure styles – no other comes close

Paperboard Wraps

Many medium-sized products, especially longer ones, need safe yet affordable shipping solutions – especially in single and LTL quantities. Our paperboard designs “wrap” your product for protection.

  • Available as small as 2×2 to as large as 30×30 in lengths up to 400 inches
  • Coatings – Printing – End Closures – even Foam Linings provide a full range of design options for a wide array of markets
  • Replacing wood, corrugated, and tubes

Paperboard Cartons

Some small-sized products are just too tough to ship in corrugated – which is prone to puncture and tear – resulting in product spillage and loss.

  • Secured with metal stitches for joints that survive the toughest of conditions
  • Available in multiple strengths and outer finishes – including printing
  • Stronger than corrugated and less expensive than wood
paperboard carton examples

Paperboard Strap Protectors

Designed to prevent damage to products secured by straps while also ensuring the strap will remain tight and undamaged during shipment. Dura-Fibre is the leading provider of protectors for use in automated strapping equipment.

  • Available in multiple sizes and a variety of strengths to match your needs
  • Shipping flat to save space and money
  • Providing industry-leading turnaround times

Paperboard Covers

Designed to fully cover the tops, edges, corners and sides of larger product stacks – specialty sheet metals, as an example. Dura-Fibre’s one-piece die-cut and scored design replaces standard edge protection and top pads – saving time and money.

  • Available in multiple sizes and a variety of thicknesses
  • Replaces multiple other products to save time, space, and money
  • Multiple depths can be designed into the product to reduce packaging skus

Paperboard vs. Wooden vs. Corrugated Cardboard Packaging




Costdollar sign
Puncture protection
Weather protection
Easily ship nonstandard sizes
Exempt from ISPM-15 Import/export rules
Inventory space savings
Don’t just take our word for it…

Paperboard Packaging Benefits

Easy and safe to set-up, load and unload
Impact-resistant laminated paperboard construction protects against damage
Beam strength surpasses corrugated products
Patented design for higher, safer stacking
Crates arrive flat on pallets, optimizing storage space
Lower cost than wood or other paperboard alternatives
Available in sizes to ship products up to 35 feet (420 inches)
Exempt from import or export rules under ISPM-15

Save money, space and damage.

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