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Laminated Paperboard Products

Book Binding Board

foam padded board

Foam Padded Panels

Unparalleled precision and the widest offering

book coverboard

Unitized Book Board

Unmatched customization options

binder coverboard

Binders Board

Widest range of calipers

laminated board

Laminated Graphic Board

Density and smoothness for demanding markets

Paperboard Sheets

slip sheet

Slip Sheets

Wood pallets are a relic of the past

paperboard tier sheet

Tier Sheets

Stacking products for stability

pallet sheets

Pallet Sheets

Protect against damage done by wood pallets

poly coated paperboard saying Boulder Creek

Poly Coated Paperboard

Toughness to handle complicated supply chains

printer's chip boards

Printer’s Chip Paperboard

Widest range of sizes, calipers, and finishes

Specialty Products

open silicone release box

Silicone Release Boxes

Quickest and cleanest release cartons

furniture panels

Furniture Back Panels

Unparalleled service for demanding RTA markets

Trash compactor boxes grouped together

Trash Compactor Boxes

The leading solution for the leading compactor

drywall board

Paperboard Drywall Shims

Time-saving construction shims

3 totes stacked together

Paperboard Totes and Containers

Lasting designs replacing plastic

assortment of custom paperboard products

Custom Paperboard

Broadest capabilities to suit unique needs

Paperboard Packaging

crates on pallets

Paperboard Crates

Tougher than cardboard, lighter than wood

assorted durafibre wrap products

Paperboard Wraps

Widest range of options such as stapled for strength

paperboard carton examples

Paperboard Cartons

Unmatched protection for expensive products

white and tan strap protectors

Paperboard Strap Protectors

Superior machine grade protection

cover with packaging

Paperboard Covers

Foam and widest range of paperboard options

Strength Packaging Substrates

two small packaging boxes

High Caliper C1S and C2S

Widest range of options

assorted packaging

Heavyweight Folding Boxboard

Eclipse is the leading 36pt in the market

white packaging example square

Heavyweight Thru White

Unique food and drink products require clean

It Pays to Partner with Dura-Fibre

Dura-Fibre is trusted by customers around the world to create laminated paperboard solutions to solve for a wide range of applications and functional performance challenges. Our product categories include protective packaging, laminated sheets, strength packaging substrates and coverboard book panels. We also produce custom and specialty products ranging from drywall shims to aviation trash compactor boxes.

Manufacturers, Marketers, Distributors and Warehouse Managers trust Dura-Fibre to deliver paperboard products that perform. We have a proven track record of continuous improvement that dates back more than 85 years, and still thrives today. 

In our 125,000-square-foot Wisconsin facility, you’ll find a dedicated team of talented professionals putting the best manufacturing tools and practices to work producing products that perform around the world.  Every day, they deliver an array of heavy-duty paperboard solutions that improve protection, presentation and profit for our customers. 

Dura-Fibre customers get access to the very best materials, equipment, intellectual property and people-power available in the world of paperboard. We can provide solutions that solve unique challenges for size, calipers, formats, styles, coatings and quantities. We’ve created products that are water-resistant, extra heavy-duty, full-color printed, print-ready, eco-friendly or designed to replace plastic or kraft. In short, if it needs to be stronger than corrugated, but lighter or less costly than wood, we can probably produce it. 

Our equipment can accommodate sheets up to 97” in width, laminate up to six different substrates at once and perform multiple value-add processes inline. We can customize products to a wide variety of specifications and our team continuously tests for quality to ensure we deliver products free from warping, curling or other issues. 

Reach out to us with your goals, questions or ideas and let’s start a conversation about how we might be able to help you improve performance with our paperboard products and services. 

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