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Paperboard Wraps

FiberWrap®: Customizable Cartons

Dura-Fibre’s one-of-a-kind FiberWrap protects your products from damage that corrugated can’t prevent – such as puncture and beam strength failure – but without having to resort to heavy and expensive wood. Customizable like no other, FiberWrap has made its name in a wide range of applications.

Versatile. Strong. Economical.

Versatile, yet tough.

 FiberWrap is the ideal industrial packaging platform because it combines strength and versatility. What’s more, it can be tailored to the best design for each use case.

  • Versatility – Foam lined for fragile items, Tyvek for no tear, triangular to replace tubes and many flat design multi-panel options
  • Strength – Provides puncture and beam strength with any type of papers combined for thicknesses from .060” to .300”
  • Sizing – Ranges from 4” to 48” wide, 24” to 300” long, from 1-panel to 8-panels, all in the tightest of industry tolerances
  • Surfaces – Outer appearances range from uncoated krafts and colors to coatings of clay and poly – and one-to-many color printing
  • Storage – Ships and stores flat, saving freight and storage space versus all other alternatives
  • Assembly – Simple setup can include paperboard, plastic or wood end plugs or covers as needed, before standard taping or strapping

Comparison Chart

Paperboard FiberWrap




Costdollar sign
Inventory space savings
Freight cost savings
Exempt from ISPM-15 Import/export rules
Don’t just take our word for it…

Features and Benefits of Paperboard Crating

Among the benefits FiberWrap provides:

Versatile options include foam lined, Tyvek, triangular and many multi-panel options
Customizable styles and designs to suit specific needs
Wide range of sizes and strengths for total cost effectiveness
Space-saving design reduces freight and storage requirements
Constructed for strength in a variety of substrates to prevent damage
Available in coated and printed surfaces to fit branding requirements
Easy assembly and strapping saves labor

Save money, space and damage.

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