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New Laser Engraving System Offers Premium Product Imprinting

October 8, 2014

Dura-Fibre offers tamper-proof, consistent product marking technology to provide marketing and sales advantages.

Dura-Fibre’s recent investment in a high speed laser marker system provides permanent, high-quality engravings to display product information and enhance visual appeal on paperboard packaging materials.

The laser marking system can be used for imprinting product logos, codes, expiration dates, serial numbers, labels, and any other pertinent information, and provides sev- eral advantages over the former printing process. Laser engraving delivers a higher- quality image that is clear, consistent and tamper-proof. Printed logos were much harder to read, susceptible to fading, and could be more easily tampered.

Engraving can be done on any color board, with extended font, graphics and format flexibility in a very cost-effective manner. The permanent, high-quality etching helps convey consistent messaging and elevate consumer appeal. It can also enable digital technology such as QR codes to enhance product interaction.

The sharp, precise nature of laser engravings enhances accuracy for graphics that are machine-read for tracking or supply chain management purposes. Laser engrav- ing is contact-free technology and will not warp, damage or stress the packaging in any way.

Laser marking is well-suited for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, auto- motive, electronics and extrusion markets. For more information on laser engraving, contact