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Easy Production Planning for High-Strength Folding Carton Grades

May 3, 2016

Dura-Fibre has added another level of structure to their high-strength paperboard—in the form of improved, prioritized production planning.

Every Monday morning, Dura-Fibre will prioritize production of its three most popular high-strength folding carton grades. The simplified schedule allows customers to better plan for scheduling orders and expected arrival times.

“We have seen tremendous demand for our quality, high-strength substrates,” said Alex Johnson, Technical Account Manager. “We will now have these standard grades in production on a regular, planned basis, to best service our customers, and avoid stock emergencies.”

Dura-Fibre is offering the new run plans for the following standard folding carton grades: 36 Eclipse (white one side), 36 Blanc (white two sides), and 36 Glacier (coated 2 side, white throughout).

High-strength grade orders placed by Thursday the previous week will receive prioritized production starting Monday morning, and ready to ship LTL within two days. For large orders, Johnson said account managers will work with customers to ensure adequate order planning and stock on hand.

This is the third improvement in a series of changes to the company’s growing folding carton program, following a simplified pricing scheme and customer sample stock program.

Johnson said the changes will facilitate better customer experiences through improved workflow, quicker turnaround times, and value-add services such as custom design solutions.