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5 Reasons to Try Slip Sheets Instead of Pallets for Supply Chain Improvement

December 15, 2021

If you’ve been a long-time pallets buyer, you may not be aware that many companies use slip sheets instead of pallets.  From custom capabilities and cost savings to recyclability, space saving and improved safety, slip sheets bring numerous benefits with them.

What is a Slip Sheet and How Does It Compare to a Pallet?

Slip sheet suppliers, such as Dura-Fibre, laminate multiple plies of paper and form a uniquely strong substrate – one that’s great for a custom packaging and shipping solution.  Used with a specialized forklift attachment, slip sheets are custom designed to fit each use case.

5 Reasons to Use Slip Sheets Instead of Pallets

Here are our top five reasons for your company to consider slip sheets instead of pallets:

Sustainable Sheets in all Strengths

100% recycled paper – fully recyclable again – is the most sustainable option.  Because we are using multiple plies, the slip sheet can be designed to the required strength.  100% virgin paper – still fully recyclable – is often the choice for heavier pallet stacks – especially multi-stacking.  And, when re-using the slip sheet the solid kraft construction provides maximum durability.  Dura-Fibre offers multiple calipers and strengths for the widest range of options.

Save on Shipping Costs with Smart Stacking

Freight costs are crazy these days – but using shipping slip sheets instead of pallets allow you to stack your product to the ceiling of the truck – not wasting the 4.5 to 6 inches per wood pallet.  And, a shipping slip sheet weighs a fraction of the 30 to 50lbs of a wood pallet.  Pay to ship your product, not wood. 

Customized Products and Service to Meet Your Needs

Specialty die-cutting can provide rounded or shaped corners for easier stretch wrapping.  And, Dura-Fibre can provide any custom size – and any combination or size of grabbing flaps.  We produce slip sheets weekly for a long list of customers in many end markets.  We are known among slip sheet suppliers for our exceptional quality and service.  We also have stock items available for immediate shipment – helping smaller customers further improve cash flow.

Coating Options to Protect Packages

Dura-Fibre offers non-slip coating options to help keep lighter packages in place during movement – a safety benefit!  And, moisture barrier coatings are available to add longevity for those wanting to re-use slip sheets.  In-line printing can add logos or part numbers for easy identification.   

The Tougher, Lighter and Sustainable Substrate

Cardboard is no match – the fluting tears when used as a shipping slip sheet.  Plastic will eventually find its way into the waste stream.  Wood is expensive – cost, space, and shipping weight. Slip sheets are the ideal choice when it comes to durability, cost savings and environmental friendliness.

Ready to improve supply chain and try slip sheets instead of pallets? Request a quote today to get started.

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