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Your Tier Sheets Questions, Answered

February 11, 2022

Tier sheets. Tie sheets. Pallet tier sheets. Divider sheets. Separator sheets. Tie boards. Layer sheets. Just as they go by many names, tier sheets also have many uses and benefits when compared to similar plastic, wood and cardboard products. Learn more about this versatile tier sheet option and uses for your storage, shipping and handling needs.

What Are Tier Sheets?

The primary purpose of tier sheets is to improve the stability of stacked products and packages. In their simplest form, single ply sheets of thin paper can help “tie” corrugated cartons together and make a sturdier pallet of stacked boxes.  You often see a 100% recycled sheet, say .020 thickness, between layers of boxes holding lightweight food cartons headed down the aisle to be unpacked onto shelves.  Manual pallet jacks lifting and turning, bumping and jerking, are a challenge for the security of any stack – but tier sheets offer a great deal of stability and safety.

paperboard tier sheet

How Can I Use These Tier Sheets?  

Thicker and stronger versions, up to .200 inch thick, are often laminated paperboard – multiple plies of paper glued together. These tier sheets are used to stack and bulk palletize a wide range of products. One of the highest volume use cases is for transporting empty plastic and glass containers and bottles, and metal cans, to the filling facilities – food and beverage – but also industrial – even medical. Many container manufacturers are highly automated – using robotic placement of tier sheets in high-speed and high-volume manufacturing lines. They need consistent quality – especially flat.

What Are The Benefits of Laminated Paperboard Tier Sheets?

  • 100% Recyclable – even often made with 100% recycled paper
  • Available in all sizes – compatible with all types of pallets
  • Affordable – especially versus plastic and wood
  • Durable – providing multiple uses in the harshest of conditions
  • Custom Capabilities
    • Rounded corners so as not to puncture stretch wrap
    • Coatings for non-slip, moisture and grease protection
    • Strength options to provide secure stackable surface
    • Print options such as logo striping and part numbers

Which Markets Are Tier Sheets Used In?

Paperboard tier sheets are great for palletized packages and products in a long list of markets. Examples include:

  • Beverage bottles, cans, and containers
  • Consumer goods in cartons and corrugated containers
  • Industrial goods and parts – even heavy and metal
  • Processed foods in cartons and sacks
  • Shipping and distribution industries like foodservice
  • Fruit and vegetable cartons and crates
  • Dairy and dry goods such as salts, grains and ingredients. 

So, by combining whichever papers best provide the strength properties needed for each use case, an affordable and sustainable laminated paperboard tier sheet is greener than plastic tier sheets, tougher than cardboard and lighter than wood!


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