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Toll Laminating: Expand Your Capabilities and Reach More Customers

May 3, 2022

Toll lamination, or some call it contract laminating, is a manufacturing service provided by companies with laminating machines to those with needs to glue multiple plies of paper and other substrates together. Dura-Fibre in Menasha, WI, is a major provider of toll lamination/contract laminating services to paper mills, especially specialty mills, packaging converters, manufacturers and even end-user brands.

Contract Laminating Helps Easily Extend Product Offerings

Toll laminating provides expanded product capabilities to customers. Take for instance, a specialty paper mill producing a unique text paper. Say their paper machine can produce a range of calipers from 8pt to 12pt. A laminator such as Dura-Fibre can extend their product offering to easily include 16pt, 20pt and 24pt by gluing together two plies. It can even go as high as 36pt with three plies and 48pt with four plies. Dura-Fibre can laminate up to six plies.

Contract Laminating to Better Stand Out to Customers

End markets and customers increasingly want to differentiate themselves with “uniqueness.” Dura-Fibre’s toll laminating services provide endless possibilities, including specialty text grades from poly coated to clay coated to exotic colors, patterns and finishes. With lamination now possible in much thicker—and thereby much stronger—options, it now allows use in entirely new applications. What could previously be paper can now also be packaging!

Toll Laminating Services Provide More Options at Less Cost

The laminator capabilities can also include additional coatings such as moisture resistance, grease resistance, non-skid coating and rust inhibitors. And, slitting, scoring and even die-cutting and printing options are available in-line with the laminating process.

Large laminators, such as Dura-Fibre’s 100” roll-to-sheet machine allows these new options at very effective costs. With flexible roll allowance properties in outside diameters and cores, the mill’s trim and manufacturing preferences are easily accepted.

Finished sheets can also be accommodated in many sizes – and secondary die-cutting and trimming options abound. The sky is the limit and we’re here to help.

Enjoy Countless Benefits with Toll Laminating Services

To summarize, contract laminating provides your company with:

  • Expanded product capabilities to mills and converters, especially for specialty papers
  • Low-cost and affordable lamination by using a large laminator that maximizes efficiency with 100 inches of machine width 
  • Flexible roll properties in outside diameter and core sizes
  • A wide range of options, including:
    • As low as 8pt paper grades as high as available 
    • As many as six plies 
    • Coated one-side papers
  • Multiple additional options, including:
  • Top side coatings added of water resistance or non-skid options 
  • Slit-scores, die-cutting and printing 
  • Sheet sizes from cut-size to super-sized

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