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Custom Paperboard Products

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Design Laminated Paperboard for Custom Applications

Whether you need custom paperboard products for display, handling, storage, shipping or other uses, tap Dura-Fibre’s experienced custom design team. From custom industrial crates, to custom folding cartons, custom industrial packaging and custom shipping containers, Dura-Fibre’s design and engineering team can help you create custom paperboard products that meet their every specification.

Expert design team. Custom solutions.

Paperboard Manufacturing: Capabilities for Custom Specifications

Dura-Fibre manufacturing technology includes one-of-a-kind equipment that supports the manufacture of large-scale custom projects. These paperboard manufacturing capabilities paired with custom printing, coating and die-cutting capabilities, allow us to create custom paperboard products to meet your specifications. Best of all, Dura-Fibre custom paperboard products offer performance and protection for applications that require more durability than corrugated cardboard and more cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions than wood or plastic. Among Dura-Fibre’s customization capabilities:

Laminating Paperboard

  • Up to 420 inches long and 97 inches wide
  • Up to 250 pt in caliper
  • Roll-to-sheet
  • Combining up to seven plies from multiple substrates
  • In-line die-cutting and scoring

Die-cutting Paperboard

  • Flatbed and rotary die-cutting
  • Ability to precision cut and/or score
  • Unique patterns and shapes

Coating Paperboard

  • Functional top coats applied in-line
  • Full range of pre-coated liners


  • Two color in-house
  • Pre-printed liners

Comparison Chart

Dura-Fibre Rigid Paperboard




Costdollar sign
Inventory space savings
Freight cost savings
Exempt from ISPM-15 Import/export rules

Custom Paperboard Products: Market Applications

Dura-Fibre custom paperboard products are used in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Appliances
  • Specialty Manufacturing
  • Building Products
  • Crating
  • Folding Cartons
  • Signage
  • Containers
  • Corner and Roll Protection
  • Specialty Applications
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Custom Paperboard Products: Features

Laminated paperboard provides a durable, cost-effective alternative to wood and plastic display, handling, storage and shipping products. Among the features: 

  • Lightweight, durable alternative
  • Impact-resistant laminated paperboard construction
  • Laminated paperboard provides background for brand impact

Custom Paperboard Products: Benefits

Lightweight construction and fold-flat options reduce shipping costs
Heavy-duty laminated paperboard rivals durability of traditional corrugated cardboard material
Provides unsurpassed freeze/thaw performance
Fully recyclable
High-impact graphics captivate consumers and induce product trial
Protects heavy or fragile products
Requires fewer required packaging materials

Appliance Components

The technological sophistication of today’s appliances requires components created with precision cuts and durable construction, like those found in our fiberboard solutions. Why choose Dura-Fibre appliance components?

  • Save money by replacing costly metal, plastic and wood components
  • Ensure a consistent size, caliper and count
  • Minimizes die and tooling costs
  • Choose from standard and customized choices

Understanding Laminated Paperboard

Dura-Fibre custom paperboard products are manufactured by gluing together multiple plies of top-quality, high-strength paper to make thick, strong, heavy-duty laminated paperboard.

Because Dura-Fibre serves customers in a wide range of industries, we use a multi-step process to make certain custom paperboard products suit both product and shipping needs.

  • Requirement gathering: To create customer paperboard products, our experienced team first works to understand your goals and needs.
  • Design: We design your products using top-quality, high-strength paper to make thick, strong, heavy-duty laminated paperboard with no wasted space or material.
  • In-house testing: Our in-house design lab tests your products for strength, durability and water resistance to ensure it holds up to end-use requirements.
  • Samples: Once our testing is complete, we’ll provide you with samples, allowing you to see, touch and try your new customer paperboard product in person.
  • Client testing: When you’ve approved the samples, we’ll provide you with a final version, which you can test in the field to make certain it meets specifications.
  • Production: After you’ve tested your product, we’ll work with you on production and shipping arrangements, based on your short- and long-term needs.
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