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Industrial Crates

DuraCrate: Industrial Shipping Crates

When it comes to industrial shipping, our DuraCrate industrial crates are engineered to be the ideal shipping solution.

Our crates are made with six layers of extra-tough paper. This durable paperboard produces industrial crates that are less expensive and lighter weight than wooden shipping crates, allowing you to save money – in purchasing, in storage, and in shipping.

Despite the lighter weight and foldable storage, these industrial shipping crates can take a beating. They outperform corrugated cardboard shipping crates in protecting against puncture, weather and shipping damage.

Save money. Save space. Save damage.

Tougher than cardboard.
Lighter than wood.

With our lower costs and high flexibility of shipping sizes, a wide variety of industries have used our custom shipping crates with great success, including:

  • Vehicle and truck parts
  • Piping & tubing
  • RV parts
  • Specialty instruments
  • Window shades and blinds
  • Cylinders
  • Casings
  • Millwork
  • Components
  • Siding
  • Accessories

DuraCrates vs. Wooden and Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Crates

Paperboard DuraCrates



Costdollar sign
Puncture protection
Weather protection
Easily ship nonstandard sizes
Exempt from ISPM-15 Import/export rules
Inventory space savings
Don’t just take our word for it…

DuraCrate Paperboard Packaging Features

  • Constructed of rugged, laminated paperboard
  • Customizable multi-panel designs
  • Available with custom print
  • Available with special coatings, including weather- and corrosion-resistant options
  • Multiple end-closure options: end plugs made of wood or paperboard, or integrated flaps such as FOL or RSC styles
  • Can ship products up to 35 feet long
  • The patented groove that provides the industry’s strongest 90-degree fold

DuraCrate Paperboard Packaging Benefits

Easy and safe to set-up, load and unload
Impact-resistant laminated paperboard construction protects against damage
Beam strength surpasses corrugated crates
Patented design for higher, safer stacking
Crates arrive flat on pallets, optimizing storage space
Lower cost than wood or other paperboard alternatives
Available in sizes to ship products up to 35 feet (420 inches)
Exempt from import or export rules under ISPM-15

DuraCrate Patent Protection

How do we do it?

We start by gluing together multiple plies of top-quality, high-strength paper to create the thickest and strongest laminated paperboard packaging. By focusing on quality over price, we’re able to create high-quality industrial crates at a lower cost, resulting in less shipping damage.

Our patented groove provides the most powerful 90-degree fold in paperboard. The result: The strongest, most square paperboard crates available.

Combining our high-quality substrates with our one-of-a-kind groove allows us to use less material than competitors. Less materials means both a lower crate cost and a lower shipping cost.

How much can I save on shipping with DuraCrate industrial shipping crates? Truck and tractor parts manufacturers save 20 percent or more when they ship with DuraCrates instead of wood shipping crates.

Custom Shipping Crates for Long Products

The advantages of our industrial shipping crates don’t stop with lower costs. With DuraCrate industrial shipping crates, you can ship abnormally long products – up to 35 feet long (420 inches). That’s because our industrial packaging manufacturing produces the best beam strength, allowing us to build wider, taller and longer crates than competitors.

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Less expensive than plywood shipping crates, better protection from punctures and adverse weather and storage conditions than corrugated crates, and stronger than other paperboard products, DuraCrate industrial crates provide the solutions to your shipping challenges.

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Save money, space and damage.

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