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Slip Sheets

DuraSheet: Forklift-Friendly Paperboard Sheets

Our high-quality laminated paperboard slip sheets protect your products during storage, handling and shipping. Thinner and lighter than industrial pallets, a slip sheet pallet can help you save money and space without sacrificing pallet strength and durability.

Paperboard Sheet Types

DuraSheets can be used in a wide range of applications, from streamlining loads to replacing pallets. With DuraSheets, you can move and store products with confidence. Here are a few industrial applications:

  • Slip sheets – used with specialized slip sheet forklift equipment to replace pallets
  • Divider sheets – used to separate layers of product, reducing damage and improving stacking performance
  • Tie sheets – used to separate layers of product, reducing damage and improving stacking performance
  • Pallet sheets – protect the bottom layer of product from damage due to the pallet nails and other deficiencies
  • Specialty sheets – sheets manufactured for specialty item protection and shipping
  • Top sheets – used to protect the top the products on the pallet being shipped
  • Push-pull sheets – designed with extra strength to work with a push/pull slip sheets forklift attachment and handle slip sheet loads that are being pushed or pulled

Our forklift-friendly slip sheets are effective in a broad range of manufacturing and in distribution for a wide range of markets, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial goods
  • Shipping and distribution
  • E-commerce
  • And, more!

Comparison Chart

Paperboard DuraSheets



Inventory space savings
Freight cost savings
Exempt from ISPM-15 Import/export rules

Slip Sheet Features

DuraSheet paperboard sheets are:

  • Constructed from solid kraft materials for durability and reliable performance
  • Non-slip coating provides safe handling and secure loads
  • Eliminates the need for skids
  • Stock items are available for immediate shipment

Slip Sheet Benefits

Among the benefits DuraSheets provide:

Reducing costs (designing exactly what your situation requires – no waste)
Providing the broadest array of options (continuous improvement requires flexibility)
Exceptional service (weekly manufacturing with guaranteed turnaround times)
Protecting against damage (using extra-strength papers)
Improving operations (running flatter in automated equipment)

Product Specifications

We glue together multiple plies of top-quality, high-strength papers to create the strongest and most reliable laminated paperboard sheets available.

Standard Products

43″ x 51″ Slip Sheet
43″ x 51″ Slip Sheet
Part #976980
Caliper30 pt37 pt
Master sheet size43″ x 51″ (grain long)43″ x 51″ (grain long)
Lip size3″ lip on 2 sides3″ lip on 2 sides
Parts per skid1,5001,000
Weight per skid
2,640 lbs2,260 lbs
Pull weight* @ 1/3 Safety Factor1,680 lbs2,000 lbs
Pull weight* @ 1/2 Safety Factor2,520 lbs3,000 lbs

*Calculated using Mullin strength per linear inch to achieve full pull weight, divided in 1/2 or 1/3 as noted above for safety factor. Product is shipped FOB Menasha, WI.

Why use slip sheets instead of pallets?

DuraSheet slip sheets can be manufactured to meet your exacting needs, providing a variety of cost- and space-saving solutions. Because slip sheets are smaller and lighter than pallets, they reduce freight, warehousing and shipping costs. And since slip sheet pallets are the exact length and width you require, they reduce damaged products from too-small pallets and wasted materials and space from too-large pallets.

Among the service advantages Dura-Fibre offers: DuraSheets run weekly, allowing us to offer guaranteed turnaround times, stock major repeat items and develop customer-specific service programs.  We have storage space if you don’t and can help you react to unexpected demand or shipping needs.

Finally, our product can be used with automated equipment and processes such as insert stations, leading to additional business advantages.

Looking for a way to save on storage, handling and shipping costs?

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