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5 Benefits of Thick Paperboard

February 23, 2021

How does thick paperboard compare to plastic?  Wood?  Corrugated?  Paperboard?  In this post, we want to touch briefly on the wide range of use cases for heavy paperboard, made possible by the many benefits when compared to other materials. 

The process of laminating (gluing) multiple plies of many different kinds of paper provides amazing flexibility – allowing thick paperboard to take on many roles – high-strength packaging, rigid folding cartons, industrial crates, protective sheets, heavy duty totes, furniture components, and many specialty applications.  Dura-Fibre heavy paperboard is even currently playing a critical role in COVID vaccine packaging.  Here are 5 benefits provided by the flexibility of thick paperboard.

Benefit #1: Print Performance

The exponential growth in club stores has provided a great proving ground for thick paperboard and its ability to meet multiple needs simultaneously.  Brands have a message to convey and want superior print performance.  Club stores have a high-volume strategy and want superior strength performance.  Over-sized cartons on highly printed bright white paperboard?  Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too!  Our heavyweight folding carton substrates are used in high-strength packaging for beverages, dry goods, frozen foods, pet care products, confections, spirits, cosmetics, electronics, pharma, devices, displays, signage, and much more.  Thick paperboard provides strong container and a strong look.

Benefit #2: Cost Effectiveness

Customers want quality – they want service – they want value – all factors taken into consideration when designing packaging and crating.  Supply chain strategy continues to evolve.  E-commerce is offering big growth, but pressures to manage cost will always play a part.  Heavy duty paperboard industrial crates have saved a very long list of customers a very large amount of money. Among the savings benefits:

  • savings in material cost versus wood
  • savings in product damage versus cardboard
  • savings in storage space versus both. 

Cost is king, but our crates still can be printed for branding – or coated for weather protection.  Rigid paperboard crates are great for vehicle and truck parts, piping and tubing, shades and blinds, RV parts, cylinders and casings, specialty instruments, accessories and components, and much more.  Tougher than cardboard, lighter than wood.

Benefit #3: A More Sustainable Packaging Solution than Plastic Packaging

Thick paperboard can be made of many kinds of papers, each with their own attributes and accompanying strengths.  Some virgin – some recycled – but, paperboard is inherently renewable and recyclable. From managed tree farms to automated recycling centers, the outcome is a virtually endless, and very green, supply of paperboard.  Our wide array of papers is supplied by the leading paper manufacturers in the world – providing sustainable outcomes which can’t be matched by plastics.

Benefit #4: Tough Enough to Replace Pallets

High-strength paperboard isn’t always thick, but it is always tough.  Take slip sheets, as an example.  Made from multiple plies of linerboard, our slip sheets replace wood pallets and skids, with the use of push-pull attachments compatible to most forklifts.  Replacing pallets saves material costs, labor, freight, and damage.  Pallets are a pain.  Dura-Fibre slip sheets are tough – great for beverage markets, bottles, cans, and containers, consumer goods, e-commerce, industrial goods, processed food, protein, shipping and distribution, fruit and vegetable, and many other markets. 

Benefit #5: Endless Opportunities with Custom Products

Start with a wide array of papers. Match them to Dura-Fibre’s industry-leading manufacturing capabilities and the outcome is one-of-a-kind products customized to solve the needs of one-of-a-kind customers.  Thick paperboard with custom coatings, die-cut corners and cutouts, moisture resistance, or light paperboard capable of being cut, bent, and assembled into whatever shape.  Custom is queen.  Our customers have used our custom paperboard to replace metal in appliances, plastics in components, wood in furniture, just to mention a few.  The product’s moisture resistance helped one customer’s fracking plugs stay safe in the elements until ready for use in the oil and gas fields.  Just recently, Dura-Fibre was called on to provide custom laminated paperboard for superb freeze/thaw properties in specially designed cold chain packaging of a leading COVID vaccine.  We did our part – but the flexibility of paperboard was the key.

Ready to start putting thick paperboard to use for your application? Contact us today to learn more or get a quote.